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To display the very Person of God, joyfully drawing all to know Jesus Christ.
Worship Opportunities
Sun @ 9:15AM
Worship Service at the Vestal Campus
Sun @ 11:00AM
Sunday School, Valleyview Vestal
Wed @ 6:30PM
Kids Street: The Bridge, JC
Wed @ 6:30PM
The Alley: The Bridge, JC
Upcoming Events
Sun October 11th @ 9:30AM
Worship Service
Sun October 11th @ 11:00AM
Sunday School Classes
Tue October 13th @ 6:30PM
Elder Board Meeting
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Sermons Archive
Sunday October 11th
The Passover Lamb
Sunday October 04th
God's Big Promises
Sunday September 27th
Greg Wolters: Where do we go from here?
Sunday September 20th
Greg Wolters: The Grateful Dead
Sunday September 13th
Greg Wolters
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